About Ryan

Ryan Davis has five deployments spread across three different cultures. He was living his dream and excelling at what he loved to do most, protecting his country. But after one hot and sandy night in August, everything changed dramatically… He never lost his upbeat attitude, love for life, and hilarious charm, making a night of painful trials into perspective and power that he wants to share with you.

After gaining perspective from a vast array of surgical missions while going after high-value targets to broad support during foreign revolutionary wars, his comments and insight will open your mind and spark your soul.

New and innovative insight from a special operations perspective of how to keep your family together and build yourself better each and every day so no matter what life throws your way, you can rely on your character, newfound wisdom, and your family to make you stronger.

Great strides were made on August 15, 2019, to save Sergeant Ryan Davis’s life. During his fifth deployment for the 75th Ranger Regiment, he ultimately lost both legs and an arm while engaging in close combat with the enemy. For the next two agonizingly long hours, Davis lay in the dirt, watching Uncle Sam do everything in his power to get him out of there alive.


Every odd was stacked against him and his fellow Rangers, yet his fellow soldiers kept him alive through devastating adversity through the night. If you have a goal, a mission, a purpose you know is just and what you were born to do, nothing can stop you if you choose to grind until you see your result… life will yield itself to you.


Recognizing the intricate elements of that night made Ryan into who he is today was a collaboration between the 75th Ranger Regiment, the 160 airborne division, and God. In going through this inexpressibly brutal situation and the many surgeries that followed, he gained unparalleled perspective into what it is to lift yourself back up, build a stronger family, and to win in life no matter the challenges you face.



Please accept my humble “thank you” for being an integral part of the overall success of our recent Wounded Heroes Golf Classic. You are a living example of the “core principle” of our Foundation and our mission. To insure as we move through life that the service and sacrifice of the combat wounded servicemen and servicewomen that served in the post 9/11 wars is never forgotten!
Russ Spicer
Lowcountry Foundation for Wounded Military Heroes
In my opinion, Ryan was a major reason why our fundraiser was a tremendous success and I believe other organizations seeking a speaker with a compelling story would be happy to have him as a presenter.
Gardner Flanigan
STAR Executive Director


Give people the power, knowledge, and tools to build the life they were created for and bring the world closer together through community and service.

To empower people to reach their fullest potential in life (their chief aim) no matter what life has thrown at them.



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