Ryan, Time is certainly one of the most valuable commodities we have in life! I would like to pass along my personal thanks to you for sharing your time at our most recent Wounded Heroes Golf Classic held at the Wexford Golf Club on April 24, 2023. All of our lives have different stories - yours serves as an example to each of us in attendance what service, sacrifice, commitment, adversity, attitude, faith, and a sense of humor can do to impact the quality of the life we are given! During the day you personally interacted with everyone you came in contact with to share a smile, handshake, and positive “vibes”! I say that because as a triple amputee the challenges you work through are visible for everyone to see, how you face those challenges displayed for me what miracles are all about. Your message to all in attendance shared your story. The areas I mentioned above of service, sacrifice, commitment, adversity, attitude, faith, coupled with a sense of humor were woven into your presentation that truly mesmerized those in attendance/your audience for the night. I believe any opportunity you have to share your story with others will benefit both you and your audience. Please accept my humble “thank you” for being an integral part of the overall success of our recent Wounded Heroes Golf Classic. You are a living example of the “core principle” of our Foundation and our mission. To insure as we move through life that the service and sacrifice of the combat wounded servicemen and servicewomen that served in the post 9/11 wars is never forgotten! Thank you Ryan, and May God Bless you and your family! Very Respectfully,
Russ Spicer
Lowcountry Foundation for Wounded Military Heroes
To whom it may concern: It is with great honor that I share a letter of recommendation for Mr. Ryan Davis as an inspirational speaker. Mr. Davis was the keynote speaker at our STARS Farm to Barn Gala fundraiser in September 2022. This important event is our largest fundraiser of the year with high-revenue donors in attendance. Ryan provided a fifteen-minute speech that literally left the attendees standing on their feet with a standing ovation. Ryan is an amazing individual who has an incredible story to share about his devastating combat injuries, recovery, and adapting to life as an individual with a disability. He presents with dignity, emotion, inspiration, and humor. In my opinion, Ryan was a major reason why our fundraiser was a tremendous success and I believe other organizations seeking a speaker with a compelling story would be happy to have him as a presenter. Sincerely,
Gardner Flanigan
STARS Executive Director